Cinnamon school


Public | School


Wrocław | Poland


 Competition | 2020



Project team KXM

Michał Hondo

FRONT architects

Paweł kobryński

Wojciech Krawczuk

Marcin Sakson

Agata Kotlicka

Kuba Wójtowicz

Filip Zieliński

Children starting their education will spend a total of 12 years of life in preschool classrooms and later in the corridors of primary school. During the period of the most dynamic development of mind, imagination and interests, they will spend 8 hours each day in the same confined space.

As architects, we asked ourselves what we can do at an early stage of design to make our architecture the perfect background for a child’s first steps into adulthood.
It is indisputable that the character and needs of a preschooler are different from that of an eighth grader, but it is also worth noting the differences between children from grades 1-3 and 4-8.

The idea of ​​grading the shape introduced in the project is our response to the diversity and dynamic development of the youngest. Starting your adventure with education in the ground floor
In the preschool block, the student climbs the next „steps”, which are a metaphorical equivalent of the ladder to success. At each stage of learning, children have a clearly marked bar to jump over.
Each time the next goal for development is on the floor above. Different parts of the school grow with the student, providing him with the opportunity to change the environment as his needs and aspirations change.

Individually designed space stimulates growth and develops „soft” skills, which are much harder to learn than basic mathematics.