"G" Buildings


Multi residential House


Dortmund | Germany


In Construction | 2021



Project team KXM

Klaudia Gołaszewska

Marek Grodzicki

Kinga Grzybowska

Michał Hondo

Our proposal for 3 multi storey villas located in the area of Dortmund. Project will be a part of the new city quarter on the site of the former military hospital. We decided to blend the new structures with the hilly topography of the plot by embedding the parking level into the ground. Two storey height  houses don’t block the views for the apartments located on the terrace above. We proposed a diverse mix of bright and modern living spaces with access to the surrounding greenery. Facade design is a combination of plaster and brick in the proportions that local regulations allow and in the same time pattern emphasise flat division inside the building.