Piaseczno Swiming pool


Cultural | Public




Concept | 2020


SARP | Competition

Project team

Klaudia Gołaszewska

Marek Grodzicki

Kinga Grzybowska

Michał Hondo

Filip Zieliński

Kuba Wójtowicz


SARP Honorable Mention

We have won the first distinction in a national competition organized by the Warsaw Polish Architectural Association – SARP for the concept of the swimming pool in Piaseczno! The building with an area of 2400 m2 has been designed by us to separate sport and recreational space creating a friendly space for users. The pool design was also accompanied by a development plan for the surrounding spaces. Our idea was to create a sports campus, the swimming pool of which was to be the main part.


The superior concept of our pool is close contact between man and nature. In the era of common civilization problems, the momentum of life, and the current crisis related to the epidemic and widespread isolation, we are increasingly cut off from the natural environment. We feel its special lack when living in large cities, concrete metropolises in which contact with nature is difficult. Architecture comes with the answer to alleviating these problems. Newly designed sports facilities should be the answer to healthy mental and physical development. When designing a new pool, we offer the possibility of contact with the water world regardless of the weather and season. However, it is often the case that concrete and closed objects isolate man from the outside world even more.

Creating the concept of the municipal pool, our primary goal was to integrate two worlds – a closed and clean pool environment and picturesque green areas surrounding the facility. Trying to preserve all the economic and functional advantages of a simple block, we have attempted to design an alternative version of the pool open to nature.

The 2400 m² facility was designed to separate sports and recreational space by creating a friendly and functional space for users between them. The form of a simple pool hall was divided into smaller cubature objects, which were adapted in size and scale to their function. Atriums were inscribed between individual blocks, whose task is to introduce as much greenery as possible into the building’s interior. Each of them has a specific function:

● Entrance atrium – is a green square inviting users to the open and bright space of the entrance hall. It is intended to highlight the entrance area to the object.

● Sauna atrium – illuminates the common space of saunas located in the underground. Thanks to the depression of the atrium one floor down, an intimate, green relaxation zone was created

● Atrium on slides hides two slip pipes. Being one of the most important elements of swimming pools for many, they have been integrated into the building so that they not only do not constitute a foreign element on the elegant form of the pool, but emphasize their dynamic character and match well the simple facade

● Garden atrium – filled with green space, located in the central part of the pool. Is a transition buffer between indoor and outdoor pools and separates the recreational pool from the sports pool. Thanks to this, the greenery in the atrium is perfectly visible from anywhere in the pool, bringing users closer to nature and vegetation.

Sport campus
Designed in the northwestern part of the plot near the main access road to Piaseczno. Locating it here gives you the ability to quickly access and park the right number of cars near the sport zones. Accumulation of facilities in one place brings measurable benefits not only to potential users and residents, but also facilitates their operation. The campus consists of various sports functions. The object that begins its establishment is the pool object with outdoor pools arranged in such a way that they receive the longest exposure to the sun’s rays. A short distance from the pool is a beach with a relaxation area and beach volleyball. In the central point of the campus there is a square with stands and a skate park. The hardened space allows comfortable movement on skateboards and bicycles. The sports park closes the Sports Center together with the surrounding tennis courts, basketball and football fields. Placing a sports hall nearby gives access to changing rooms and sanitary facilities from individual pitches. The whole complex creates a functional urban layout, and the proximity of green spaces further affects health and comfort of use.

Green areas
The area covered by the study is a vast, undeveloped space, stretching along the Jeziorka River. The analysis of the neighboring areas showed a wider context of connection with the center of Piaseczno and the city park. In our concept, we combined these two elements with the activity path, running through the area of our study along the Perełka watercourse. The path was designed so that it passes near important recreational elements. It contains meeting places for different age groups and elements of landscape architecture encouraging physical activity.

The revitalized Perełka riverbed will be expanded with an additional water reservoir near which stocked retention ponds are located. Further on, the path leads through the wetlands and ends at a kayak harbor with a beach, located on the river.

In the eastern part of the area, a place was planned for the Environmental Education Center, which is an alternative to conducting classes for the school located nearby. The highlight is the lookout tower, located in the center of the entire establishment. Visible from afar will provoke physical activity and provide panoramic views of the entire area.