Rehab Szpital Neurologiczny


Public | Hospital


Poznań | Poland


Concept | 2019


Master Thesis

Project team

Kinga Grzybowska


The subject of the master thesis is the Center for Neurological Rehabilitation in Poznań. The project presents the possibilities of introducing nature in healthcare facilities.
The research part of the thesis is focused on the subject of designing health architecture in accordance with the principles of “Healing architecture”. Afterwards, the idea of biophilic design and its benefits is explained. It has been proven that patients in hospitals can have significant health benefits when they are in spaces designed according to biophilia principles. Exposure to natural elements accelerates the healing process by: reducing the level of stress, pain relief and increasing mental comfort and a sense of happiness. 

The project is located at Dojazd street in Poznań, where a plan to create a highly specialized healthcare complex has been implemented since the 1960s. The Neurological Rehabilitation Center is a functional complement to this spatial complex. The Neurological Rehabilitation Center is to be a unique hospital in which nature and architecture become an inseparable element of therapy. It is a place where comprehensive medical care is complemented with a green therapy. Patients with severe neurological diseases spend up to several months in rehabilitation centers. Therefore, the hospital should have the character of a large-scale, diverse facility with unique spaces inside. The concept is based on the functional division of the building into two parts. 

To emphasize the synergy with nature, three lighting courtyards were introduced into the building: a year-round green atrium, seasonal courtyard and courtyard of water and light. Between them stretches a therapeutic path for patients. It is connected to a therapeutic garden outside. The rooftop is intended for a vegetable garden, as a part of the patients’ therapy. To facilitate the movement of wheelchair users along the path gently rounded corners are introduced. The main purpose of the work is to discuss the subject of the influence of nature and architecture on the wellbeing and health of patients in healthcare facilities. The project is designed to encourage architects to introduce more nature in built-up environments.